What’s In Your Purse?: Avoiding Life’s Uncomfortable Moments

u-by-kotex-image-postThank you U by Kotex® for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try the U by Kotex panty liners.

Ok, I’ll admit it…

I’m a sucker for a huge purse. I just can’t help it.

I HAVE to tote around all of my “just in case” items. I HAVE to be prepared for life’s uncomfortable moments so I ALWAYS try to keep those items in my purse.

I have so much stuff in my purse I had to question others and ask, “What’s In Your Purse?” to make sure I wasn’t alone (with my packrat ways).

Sometimes I keep even more items in my purse depending on the day, but the items listed are items I usually keep on me daily.

1. U by Kotex Curves Liners

With U by Kotex Curves Liners I’m able to be comfortable and confident every single day. I mean, it’s always safe to wear a panty liner (because vaginas have a mind of their own), but it really helps when you know that your liner keeps your undies protected. It’s thin enough that it doesn’t show through your clothes, and the curve flows naturally with your body.

2. Mints

I always have mints on me because I don’t want to have one of those “bad breath” moments. I’ve experienced that before (a few times) and don’t want to have it happen again. Plus, you never know who you’re going to meet and don’t want to greet them with fire breath.

3. Hand/ Body Lotion

I always have lotion on me. For one I have dry skin and my hands get crusty, plus sometimes my ankles get a little ashy when I’m wearing flats. I spot check throughout the day and apply as needed.

4. Sunglasses

I’ve never taken care of or worn sunglasses as much until I purchased this expensive pair of classic sunglasses that were on sale two summers ago. I typically wear my sunglasses daily, even if it is cold outside.

u-by-kotex-post-image5. Pocket Mirror

6. Cell Phone

I mean, um yeah, we’re pretty much joined by the waist.

7. Hand Sanitizer

I always, always, always have to have hand sanitizer on me. I touch wayyyyy to many things on my commute to work and home, and throughout the day at work.

8. Mini Lint Roller

9. Inhaler

“I have asthma, but asthma doesn’t have me.”

10. Tissue

11. Floss

I hate getting food stuck in between my teeth. It’s the most uncomfortable feeling ever.

12. Lip Balm 13. Rosy/Nude Lipstick (acts as both sheer lipcolor and quick blush)14. Red Lipstick/ Lip Liner 15. Mascara/ Eyeliner 16. Perfume (always have to smell nice)

kotex-panty-linersWhat’s in your purse? What are some of those items you tote around to avoid uncomfortable moments?

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