What Does A Vegetarian Eat When Traveling?

Summer is around the corner and it’s time to go on vacation! I have a lot of friends who are vegetarians, and I’m slowly transitioning (I mean slowly).

Traveling can be exhausting to anyone, but for vegetarians it can be really frustrating to find quick, affordable meals on the go. Fast food restaurants don’t exactly cater to them, and forget about grabbing something quick from the grocery store deli.

Sure, they have salads, but show me one that doesn’t have meat in it. Not everyone is okay with picking the meat off of the greens.

What does a vegetarian eat when traveling?

What Does a Vegetarian Eat When Traveling?

Packing a cooler full of your own meals and snacks is an affordable way for everyone to travel. Vegetarians who are concerned about their meals being cooked in the same location as meat can rest assured that the meals they prepared at home are safely prepared in a meat free environment.

Whether you are new to being a veggie or a seasoned pro,

the tips found below will get you where you are going with a fully belly.

The Pescatarian:

So long as you still eat fish you can enjoy a quick stop at a fast seafood restaurant. While their food isn’t as fast as the burger joint on the corner, it does arrive at your car window hot and there is an entire menu to choose from. Patrons who don’t like to annoy workers with their special requests can enjoy their meal knowing that whatever they ordered didn’t confuse, or upset, the cook in the back.

Suggested Restaurants: Captain Ds, Long John Silvers.

Black Beans to the Rescue:

Most Mexican restaurants will gladly substitute any of the meat offered within their meals for black beans or refried beans instead. For those who struggle with finding veggie options on fast food menus, this provides you with the freedom to choose whatever you want from the menu.

Restaurant Suggestions: Taco Bell, Del Taco

Missing that Burger?

Find a restaurant that offers onion rings instead. Many fast food burger restaurants will substitute the meat on your favorite sandwich for onion rings at no extra charge. When you’re traveling, this is a great way to enjoy a quick meal on the go without feeling as though you are missing something.

Suggested Restaurants: Steak & Shake, Burger King, Hardees,

Veggie Sandwiches:

Sub shops and bakeries often offer veggie sandwiches and delicious melts that pack loads of flavor without any meat necessary. These sandwiches can be ordered directly off the menu or prepared in front of you. Either way, the veggies between this bread is amazing!

Suggested Restaurants: Panera Bread, Subway

Pizza with Light Sauce:

Grab yourself a cheese or veggie pizza and enjoy the trip! Very few people consider pizza a meal that should be eaten in the car but when you request the sauce to be light, or even no sauce at all, it can be less messy than a drive through burger. The great thing is, you can stop at your favorite pizza place to enjoy this hot travel meal to go!

Quick Tip: Call in your order while in route.

Cheap & Easy Wraps:

Stop into the nearest grocery store and grab a bag of salad and a package of tortillas. Southwest bagged salad is very popular, but some grocers are even carrying waldorf and apple salad kits that taste wonderful in a wrap. The great thing is that you can mix everything together in the bag that the salad comes in and pour it into each tortilla. Less than $5 can feed a family of four, or more, a quick lunch!

Do you have any other helpful dining tips for vegetarians while traveling? Leave a comment below and let me know.


What Does A Vegetarian Eat When Traveling?
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What Does A Vegetarian Eat When Traveling?
Quick eating tips and solutions for vegetarians while traveling.


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