Tuckaway Shores: Affordable Oceanfront Retreat

Tuckaway Shores Entrance

I was invited on a blogging retreat to visit the Space Coast and stay at Tuckaway Shores. This trip was one of the best trips I’ve taken in my life. I’ve never visited Florida before (well, stopped in Tallahassee once on a college tour), so I had no idea that “Authentic Florida” even existed, and was amazed by what it had to offer.

I had been working a lot so I was in desperate need of a getaway. I’m so glad I was invited, and was able to attend.

Tuckaway Shores is a hidden gem in “Authentic Florida.” It’s tucked away in a residential neighborhood, and is literally steps away from the beach. Tuckaway Shores is also a member of the Superior Small Lodging Association, which has variety of small lodging properties all over Florida that are beautiful (sometimes closer to the ocean), and cost a fraction of what chain hotels cost. Plus, the properties have charm, are unique,  have warm southern hospitality, and the owners/staff take pride in their property.

The side I stayed on had a full oceanside view, I’d literally walk out of my back door onto the beach. I’ve never seen the Atlantic Ocean before either, so as soon as I walked into the room I ran outside like a child to take in the scenery.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful the view was.

Tuckaway Shores Beach View

Tuckaway Shores is the perfect place for a relaxing retreat, and is family friendly. The rooms are exceptionally clean, and the staff are friendly and make you feel like you’re at home.

Tuckaway Shores Suite

Each suite has two rooms, one for sleeping, and the other for lounging. There is one bathroom and sink/vanity area. **note: the water doesn’t get very hot**

Tuckaway Shores Lounge Area

Each suite also has two televisions. One television is on the sleeping side so you can watch television in bed, and the other television is on the lounge side.

Tuckaway Shores Kitchen

Every room has a full-sized refrigerator and a kitchen. The best part about the kitchen is it has everything you need to cook. Cooking ware, plates, cups, eating utensils, dishwashing soap, and cleaning supplies. Cooking your own food during travel saves a lot of money.

Tuckaway Shores has a heated pool if swimming in the ocean isn’t your cup of tea. They also have WiFi and is located close to convenience stores, grocery stores, and Starbucks.

Tuckaway Shores Back View

I loved waking up early to catch the sunrise, the sunrise was absolutely beautiful. I woke up early each day, sat in a chair on my patio, and watched as it rose over the ocean. It was breathtaking. The beach is quiet and secluded away from noise so if you want to relax on the beach without disruptions you can.

Tuckaway Shores Sunrise

Every night, I went out in middle of the night to see the moon. It’s nothing like watching the light glisten over the ocean and hearing the waves crash on shore. At night it’s a little dark. So, I just sat on the deck of the resort. The deck is huge and has tables and seating.

Tuckaway Shores Moonlight

Tuckaway Shores also has outdoor showers positioned in different places around the resort so you can rinse off sand from your body. This was a life saver, because I didn’t have to track sand throughout my suite.


I even went down to the beach and tried to write love notes to my boyfriend and hurry and snap a photo before the water rushed to the shore and erased it. It took me three good tries before snapping a decent photo and getting out of the way before the water got me.

Ericka Saves On Tuckaway Shores Resort Beach

Look how happy I am! I had such an amazing time! Tuckaway Shores is ideal for solo travel, romantic getaways, family travel, budget travel, and weddings. I’ll definitely be coming back soon!

Tuckaway Shores also has AAA, AARP, CAA, Military, Government Work Orders, First Responders, and Beach Wedding discounts. Find out more information about the discounts here.

Tuckaway Shores Resort wants to invite each of Ericka Saves readers to come visit. If you book your stay before December 15, 2015 and use promo code “blog” you’ll save 20% off your stay *Note: blackout dates do apply Feb, March, Holidays, and Special Events.*

Look at this Time Lapse video I made capturing the beautiful sunrise.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary retreat at Tuckaway Shores in return for my review. All opinions are 100% my own. I love Tuckaway Shores, and would visit again in a heartbeat, and recommend it to any and everyone who wants to stay at a nice oceanside property and save money while doing so.



  1. January 9, 2015 / 12:52 pm

    That place was seriously amazing! I can’t wait to go back!

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