Tips For Visiting The Statue of Liberty


This past summer I got to cross visiting the Statue of Liberty off of my “Bucket List.” Growing up, I’ve always wanted to visit the Statue of Liberty. So, when I found myself in New York I knew I had to take a trip to see it.

I was at a blogging conference and already told myself that I was going to see the Statue of Liberty before leaving New York. That was my number one thing to do while there. I asked a few of the other bloggers were they interested in going and no one was, so I got a Lyft and headed to Battery Park.

Everything didn’t go as planned so I decided to share some tips to help you plan your visit to Lady Liberty:

Tips for Visiting The Statue of Liberty

1. Plan Ahead

This is a biggie! I strongly recommend that you plan your trip in advance. If you secure your reservation in advance you’ll be able to select your desired level of access and eliminate the need to wait in line to purchase tickets.

The day I went was super packed and I had to wait in a long line to get my ticket, plus they sold out of tickets to go inside of the statue so I only was able to visit the ground level.

2. Figure Out The Ticket Types Available

There are a variety of ticket types to consider when planning your trip to the Statue of Liberty. Some of those tickets include.

Grounds Only: This ticket is one of the most available tickets. Because advanced reservations are required to visit the crown and pedestal, Grounds Only tickets are the only tickets you’re able to purchase when reservations are full.

Pedestal Ticket: Pedestal tickets allow you to access the inside of the pedestal, museum, and the Fort Wood level. A limited number of Pedestal tickets are available each morning at the ticket office locations, but leftover reservations are often distributed before the first ferry departure.

Crown Ticket: Crown tickets allow you to access the crown, the pedestal, the museum, and the Fort Wood level. Crown tickets are limited and advanced reservations are required. If you want to visit the crown I suggest reserving as soon as possible because some people reserve them up to six months in advance.

All tickets include the ferry ride to the islands. The ferry takes about 15 minutes each way so make sure you allot plenty of time to visit The Statue of Liberty Island and Ellis Island. You can find more information and purchase tickets here.


3. What To Pack

When visiting the Statue of Liberty I suggest bringing a lightweight jacket, sunglasses, and sun hat (if you sit outdoors) during the summer. You have to take a cruise to get to the islands and the breeze from the water is cold (well, at least, to me it is). I suggest a sun hat if you’re sensitive to the sun because it’s a possibility you’ll be sitting outside with the sun beaming on your head for at least 15-30 minutes.

I also suggest packing a bottle of water and a few snacks if you don’t plan on spending any extra money. Each island has a cafe and food carts to purchase snacks from, but they are overpriced in my opinion.


4. Pack Lightly

When you visit the Statue of Liberty, before you board the ferry you have to go through a metal detector. The lighter you pack the quicker you’re able to get through to the other side. Plus the museums don’t allow you to bring backpacks or huge bags inside. (more details here)

I had my big purse with me and when I put my bag on the belt to go through the metal detectors someone stole one of my lenses. So I highly recommend packing light, keep everything with you, and watch your stuff closely when walking through the detectors.


5. Have Fun!

The Statue of Liberty is beautiful! When you plan your trip allot time to just chill and enjoy the sight. I couldn’t believe I was standing at the foot of the statue I’ve always wanted to visit.

I took tons of photos and lounged around, I also got some ice cream and took pictures of people who asked me to take a picture of them with their phone.

There are a lot of places to take pictures and enjoy the view. Right across the water is the view of the Freedom Tower.

If you’re ever in New York this is a must see adventure!

Oh, one last thing, if you need a ride you can get a $50 credit for signing up with Lyft, and it should make your ride FREE, heck multiple free rides.


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