So…I Went Ziplining in Branson and I Survived


Guess what? I went Ziplining in Branson and survived.

It’s not that I’m afraid of heights…I’m just afraid of falling from heights.

So when I was offered the chance to zipline at Branson Zipline I faced my fears and jumped on the chance. I thought. “Ok, I’ll go up, do the zipline and be done.” I’d accomplish a goal of ziplining and cross it off of my bucket list.

What I didn’t know was once you get up there you have to zip your way back down, which is not just one line, it’s seven of them.

SEVEN!!! Ok, I was terrified. I didn’t have to worry about falling one time, now I had seven chances of it happening.

I just knew I should have followed my moms advice and opted out…that morning all she kept saying to me was, “Ericka, I’m not going ziplining. The answer is no. I’m not doing it.”

So I went by myself and met up with the other bloggers that accepted the challenge.

photo credit: Branson Zipline

photo credit: Branson Zipline

Safety, safety, safety…we were given an orientation that covered the basics of zip line use, and instructions about how to use our equipment.


photo credit: Branson Zipline

After becoming acquainted with our zip line equipment,we were transported from Wolfe Creek Station to the top of Wolfe Mountain to begin the adventure of a lifetime! (notice me in back with that “I’m nervous” smile)

As we zipped through the trail we were able to get a thorough understanding of the Ozarks ecology, and history of the area by our two tour guides who were amazing! They kept me alive, lol, well they didn’t let me fall, showed us exactly what we needed to do and helped me get over my fear.

Seriously ya’ll, it’s an experience you’d never forget if you haven’t ziplined before. I stood there looking out at the ground and all of the nature around me and let go. It felt as if I was leaving everything behind and gliding in the air like a free bird, and then I’m suddenly on the other tower, ready for another zip.

photo credit: Branson Zipline

photo credit: Branson Zipline

Oh, one thing. When you go make sure it’s warm outside and not windy. It wasn’t really cold out, but when we got in the sky and the wind hit us, it was freezing. (pictured, me and Donna freezing)

photo credit: Branson Zipline

photo credit: Branson Zipline

By the end of the tour I felt like a pro, lol, I even zipped with no hands.

photo credit: Branson Zipline

photo credit: Branson Zipline

I had a wonderful time at Branson Zipline and Canopy Tours and I’d do it all over again, freezing and all. This is a MUST visit attraction when you visit Branson. I can’t wait to come back with my entire family, and maybe this time my mom will do it.  (pictured: all of the bloggers, their spouses, and our amazing tour guides)

If you’re planning on visiting here are a little tips to remember:

  • Tour Details
    • 7 zip lines
    • 10 suspension bridges
    • approximately 2.5 – 3 hours actual time for tour can vary with a variety of factors
  • Tour accommodates approximately 12 people.
  • There is no age restriction on the tours, but participants must weigh between 70 and 275 pounds and meet minimum eligibility requirements.
  • Guests should wear casual clothing appropriate for outdoor activity. Closed toe shoes must be worn. Closed toe sandals may be worn as long as they are strapped on.
  • Guests should have long hair tied back, and dangly jewelry should not be worn.
  • For the safety of all guests and guides – Cameras are NOT allowed on tour.
  • Branson Zipline has been built to exceed the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) standards.

Find out more information about Branson Zipline here, and visit them on Facebook here (the have tons of photos)

Disclosure: I received complimentary tickets to Branson Zipline. All opinions are 100% my own, and I recommend it to anyone who wants an adventure. 


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