Pay it Forward with BTS


Campus Book Rentals is a company that offers students up to 90% off their textbooks! It not only allows students to save money, it helps students make money by providing services for students to rent out their textbooks to other students. Campus Book Rentals has been around since 2007, and continues to help students live a more affordable life. Campus Book Rentals is proud to sponsor such an amazing pay it forward event!


I’m so happy I was able to participate in the BTS (Back to School)Pay it Forward event. I love to save money, and I love being able to have the chance to give back to the community. I was given $25 to get a backpack and see how much school supplies I could fill it with.

The backpack was donated to a little boy at a local school called “Foreign Language Academy.” The rest of the school supplies was donated to a local back-to-school event. Here’s a list of what I got, and how much I spent:

6 packages of papermate pens $0.29 ea.

6 packages of papermate mechanical pencils $0.29 ea.

6 pencil boxes $1.00 each

1 Backpack $2.79

3 Pencil Pouches $0.01 ea.

1 box Crayola colored pencils $1.00

3 boxes Office Max colored pencils $0.25 ea.

3 boxes of pencils $0.25 ea.

6 packages of highlighters $0.50 ea.

6 packages of dry eraser markers $0.50 ea.

15 Office Depot Notebooks $0.01 ea.

40 Office Depot 2 Pocket Folders $0.01 ea.

5 packages BIC pens $1.00 ea. (FREE used five $1.00 off coupons)

6 packs of Glue Sticks $0.50 ea.

6 1 inch Binders $0.50 ea.

5 packs Office Max $0.01 ea.

1 bottle white glue $0.25 ea.

4 bottles mini hand sanitizer $0.10 ea.

4 packs 100 index cards $0.50 ea.

1 pack scissors $1.00

15 Office Depot Rulers $0.01 ea.

Total Spent = $28.20 (it’s over the $25 but not by much)

I’m very grateful to have participated in this event. I hope that the little boy likes his backpack, and I hope that the rest of the school supplies will be put into great use by the students receiving it.


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