Our Megabus Ride: My Nieces First Trip To Chicago


The Megabus is an excellent choice for travel if you’re on a budget. When I was growing up in the midwest the only ground transportation we had was Greyhound, taking a train, or just driving.

I’ve always wanted to take my nieces on a getaway so I figured I could take them to Chicago, since it’s not too far, we could take the Megabus, there are tons of things to do, and it’s not too expensive. Plus, my niece, Mya, had a birthday coming up so a trip would be a perfect birthday gift too.

The Megabus has rates starting at $1.00. In order to take advantage of best deals on the Megabus you really need to stalk the site daily and plan your trip in advance. I was able to score round trip tickets for me and my nieces to travel from Kansas City, MO to Chicago, IL for the grand price of….$7.50. Yes, just $7.50. I paid $1.00 per ticket (roundtrip) and a processing fee.


The girls were beyond ecstatic that they were actually going out of town. I packed two carryon suitcases with all of our belongings, snacks, and my top 11 must have travel items. In order to cut cost we took the metro bus to the Megabus pick up stop. The Megabus doesn’t have an indoor location, so you have to wait outside at the stop until it comes. I always try to get there early so I’ll get a decent spot in line. Me and girls got there early, and had dinner at Boling’s Chinese restaurant before walking down to the bus stop. I wanted to make sure they were fed and had the chance to use the restroom before boarding the bus.



Once the bus arrived we loaded our luggage and took our seats. The kids wanted to sit on the top level of the bus, so we took seats in the very front. One thing I really like about the Megabus is there are outlets in every seat where you can charge your electronics. We took an overnight ride because I wanted the kids to sleep throughout the night, plus I knew they’d be restless if they had to stay up the entire ride which was 10 hours. The bus made two stops during the trip at rest stops, and it stopped in Columbia, and St. Louis before making it’s way to Chicago.


The ride was long, but it was worth it (especially for $7.50). The girls were exhausted when we arrived at 6 am the next morning, but quickly chirped up when they saw how busy the city was. We hopped in a taxi and started our journey in Chicago!

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