New: Weekly Grocery Haul 3/11/17

On Snapchat I always post snaps of my grocery trips but never include a breakdown. I usually just show what I purchased and say the total. I started receiving snaps asking questions about what I got and how I did it, how much a certain item cost and etc.

After receiving those messages I decided it would probably be a good idea to start sharing my trips on the website and start a Weekly Grocery Haul category.

I usually spend anywhere from $25 to $50 a week on groceries. My budget used to be $150 monthly, but I increased it to $200 because I stopped eating a lot of processed foods (I still eat them). Most of the food that I buy is fresh or organic and those foods cost a little more. I also don’t eat a lot of meat, but when I do it has to be free of synthetic substances, chemicals, GMOs, or antibiotics, and grown in sustainable environments. Every once in awhile I’ll eat whatever while out and about but I usually cook most of the time.

This trip is my second trip for the month, last week I spent around $25. I hit a lot of sales the last week of February so I didn’t have to get a lot. I ended up spending a total of $43.38 but was actually $41.38 minus the $2.00 milk bottle deposit (I turned in my old bottle). I shopped at four different stores. I do this to save money, and the stores are not far from each other.


Total= $11.19 ($10.57 value $0.62 tax) 

  • $0.99 Celery
  • $2.00 Navel Oranges (I got 10) 5/$1
  • $1.00 Red Bell Peppers 2/$1
  • $2.24 Pink Lady Apples
  • $2.40 Fuji Apples
  • $2.00 Dole Classic Romaine Salad Blend
  • $0.69 Yellow Mustard


  • $0.75 off Dole Salad

Dollar Tree

Total= $3.16 ($3.00 value $0.16 tax)

  • $1.00 Sara Lee Bread
  • $1.00 Mayonnaise
  • $1.00 Sweet Relish

The only time I really get condiments from Dollar Tree is when I don’t see anything on sale when I search the grocery sales ads. Bread wasn’t on the list but I got some because I decided I’m going to make tuna sandwiches this upcoming week.

Price Chopper

Total= $14.86 ($12.24 value $0.72 tax +$2.00 bottle deposit)

Did you know when you shop at Price Chopper with your own bags you get a “sack refund” of $0.05 cents per bag? I used two bags and got $0.10 cents back. I also turned in my previous bottle from Shatto and got a two dollar deposit. I’m not a big milk fan, but when I buy it I only use Shatto.

  • $1.99 Shatto 2% Milk
  • $2.00 Milk Bottle Deposit
  • $0.39 ea. Crushed Tomatoes (2 cans)
  • $0.39 ea. Diced Tomatoes no salt (2 cans)
  • $0.39 ea. Pinto Beans unsalted (2 cans)
  • $0.39 ea. Black Beans unsalted (4 cans)
  • $0.39 Light Red Kidney Beans
  • $0.39 Dark Red Kidney Beans
  • $0.49 ea. Chicken Of The Sea Tuna (4 cans)
  • $0.90 Ginger Root
  • $1.00 Grapefruit 2/$1
  • $0.71 Onion
  • $1.00 Welches Fruit Snacks 2/$1 (not pictured)


Total= $14.17 ($13.39 value $0.78 tax)

  • $1.99 ea. Pineapple (2)
  • $0.33 lb. Bananas (3.15 lbs $1.16)
  • $1.98 Green Grapes Bag
  • $1.29 Blueberries
  • $0.99 Strawberries
  • $3.99 Medium Shrimp

I get a lot of my produce from ALDI or the farmers market. In the spring/ summer/ fall, I mostly shop at the farmers market. If you’ve never shopped at ALDI check out my post ” How To Shop At ALDI,” it has everything you need to know about shopping at and navigating the store and you can also check out my post “The Best Items To Buy At ALDI.” ALDI isn’t the cheapest store for everything, but this list will show you some of the best items to get.

Most of the sales are going on now so you still have a chance to take advantage of them this weekend. I already have items purchased from previous weeks that I’ll be incorporating in my meal prep. This upcoming week I plan on making tuna sandwiches, shrimp salad, and the usual sweet potatoes, veggies, grilled chicken breast, smoothies, and fresh juices. Can’t wait to see what I score in next week’s grocery haul!

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