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Thank you Hefty for sponsoring today’s post, and providing us with these amazing #HeftyHoliday project ideas.

I’m crafty, but this year I haven’t been much into the holiday spirit. For one my mother is battling cancer, I’m stressed out about having to pay back student loans this upcoming year. I’m in the middle of a huge decluttering war before the end of the year with my apartment, and I’ve just been feeling ugh.

I decided to brush those negative feelings/things away and start fresh by creating some type of Holiday cheer. I made a christmas wreath, put some huge red bows on my front and back doors, baked some goodies, and started to think about all of the things I’m grateful for in my life.

I work in a law office, and if anyone has ever worked in a law office you’d know it’s pretty boring and bland (well, we at least have a christmas tree 😉 ).

I thought, “Hey, I’ll bring some treats to give everyone!”

Hefty has a variety of  holiday themed DIY projects that you can make, that are pretty easy, and fun (I’ll list the rest of the projects at the end of the post).

I printed off a bunch of FREE holiday treat bag toppers and filled each bag with “puppy chow”, peppermint chocolate pretzels, candy, cookies, and more. It’s only 12 people in the office including me, so I was done in a jiffy.

Here are the items you need:

  • 1 quart Hefty slider storage bags
  • these cute festive  free printable bag toppers from Hefty’s website
  • scissors
  • a stapler or tape (the stapler makes it more sturdy)
  • ribbon or stick on bows
  • treats to fill the bag
  • hole puncher (to string ribbon, but it’s optional)


Follow the step by step instructions here to make holiday treat bags.


These gifts are super easy to make, they are thoughtful, and are perfect for the holidays!


You can make these simple Last Minute Hefty DIY Gifts as party favors, give them to the homeless, give to your coworkers, and all types of ideas. I think i’m going to make a few more and take them to my family members house on Christmas.

Looking for more Holiday DIY projects? Check these out!:

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2. Post-Holiday Ornament Storage Ideas
3. Freezing Homemade Cookie Dough
4. Make Your Own Ornaments
5. Winter Kids’ Snowman Craft (making this one with my nieces and nephew)


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