Happy New Year


Staying true to my usual self I’m finally getting around to saying Happy New Year!!! You know I don’t like bombarding you with all of the “New Year, New Me” stuff.

So far this year has been alright. I have some new changes…one is the name of the blog. I decided to retire the name “Ericka Saves” and start fresh with the name “Life of Random, ” which is more me because ya’ll know I’m hella random  ;-). To be honest I had to sit back and really think about what I wanted from my blog, and what I wanted to do with my life. While doing that I wrote out what I wanted, things I wanted to experience, places I want to go, things I want to do in life in general. From that I gathered that I wasn’t living my life according to how I really want to live it.

I read once that, “Life is not a rehearsal.” It’s so true, so this year is a fresh start, and new beginnings.

To bring in the New Year I threw my nieces and nephew a “New Years” party! They were excited and had a blast. I personally was ready to fall asleep at 10:30, but they kept me going.

The party was super last minute. I had planned on having dinner at a nice restaurant but forgot to make reservations so yeah…that plan foiled.

So I pre-ordered pizza from Minsky’s and had it scheduled to deliver at 8:30 pm. I went to one of my favorite places, Dollar Tree, and got plates, cups, cutlery, and serving trays.

I ordered New Year cookies from Creating Awsomenessity a few weeks earlier because I knew I wanted to have pretty cookies that night (I just didn’t know that a party was going to happen).

I also, picked up some Welch’s Sparkling Cider, and some champagne for the adults. My mom, my boyfriend, my nieces and nephew, and my baby nieces mom all celebrated the new year together.




The baby ran over like don’t forget about me, lol.










Happy New Year!!!


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