Fathom Cruise Video Diaries

While on the Fathom Cruise I decided to do something I’ve always been afraid to do…..VIDEO. I made a video diary each day while on the ship. I had a wonderful time and learned so much about myself and the things I want to do in life.

If you want to vacation while also giving back to the local economy I highly suggest the Fathom Cruise. It’s affordable, laid back, diverse, and you leave feeling great about helping others. You also meet a plethora of amazing people who are fun, easy to get along with, and share the same cause. I’ll definitely be back!

**Note: A lot of the videos mention following our Snapchats and Instagram. We thought we’d be able to upload the videos daily but the internet was very slow and at sometimes very sketchy. I posted the Snaps to my FB page, and you can still check out the photos on Instagram.**

Video Diary 1

Video Diary 2

Video Diary 3

Video Diary 4

Video Diary 5

Video Diary 6


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