DIY Gold Dot Mirror

DIY Gold Dot Mirror

While searching Pinterest I saw this cute dot hairbrush and mirror tutorial by I Spy DIY. I hadn’t thought about updating my mirrors, but I was looking for more ways to incorporate touches of gold throughout my apartment.

I updated my bathroom decor a few months ago with gold elements. After seeing the tutorial I had to add a gold dot mirror to the look.

The “DIY Gold Dot Mirror” project is inexpensive and extremely easy to complete, you only need a few items.


  • Gold or Silver paint pen $3.50 (or more depends on the brand, at any craft store)
  • Handheld mirror $1 (I got the black mirror from dollar tree and the white mirror for $3 from a hair supplies store years ago.)
  • Circle Stencils (or any circular object)

The pictures below show step by step how I completed the project.


Place the circle stencil on the back of the mirror and lightly trace and fill in the circle with the gold paint pen. Let dry (until able to touch).

Initially, I was going to trace the circles with a pencil, but I found it was easier to put the stencil on the mirror and fill the the paint.

I added little circles in the mix because I accidentally dripped a dot of paint on the white mirror when taking the lid off of the paint pen.  I might go back through and do the handles (not sure yet).

Do you like this project? Have you tried something similar? Leave a comment below and let me know.


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