DIY Gold Chevron Coasters

Do It Yourself Gold Chevron Coasters

It’s funny that I would be the one to make a set of coasters….

See, I’m the sit-the-glass-on-the-table-without-a-coaster bandit. I’m guilty of it. Each time I pick up my glass I leave a ring the size of whatever glass imprint on the table. It’s especially bad on my wood table.

My best friend would get so irritated with me for not using a coaster at her place. I would put my cup down to walk into the kitchen or use the restroom, and come back to see the spot had been wiped down, and my cup sitting nicely on one of her monogrammed coasters.

One day while shopping I saw these cute chevron coasters thought of her and how she’d get a kick out of seeing me with them, plus they were cute. I looked at the price though…”Whoa! twenty five dollars for some coasters??? I’ll put those back.”

Well, when I got home, I looked into my closet at the cute gold and white chevron wrapping paper I used to wrap gifts over the holidays.

I thought, “hmmm, I bet ya I can use this paper to make my own DIY Gold Chevron Coasters.”…and then I began experimenting.

DIY Gold Chevron Coasters

Do it Yourself Gold Chevron Coasters

supplies needed

Supplies Needed: 

Ceramic Bathroom Tiles ($0.13 ea. Home Depot)

Mod Podge

Clear Acrylic Sealer Spray


Wrapping paper  (any kind)

Mini Foam Brush

Mini Stick-on Felt Pads

I already had all of the supplies except the tiles and felt pads. I got my gold chevron wrapping paper from Target for almost $3 (I got it around November to wrap Christmas gifts. I think they still have it in stock).

The other supplies can easily be purchased at any craft store. You can also use any wrapping paper, paper, or fabric that you want.

Do it Yourself Gold Chevron Coasters

cutting the paper to size

Step 1

Cut the wrapping paper the size of your tile, cutting it a little larger than the tile to make sure the entire surface is covered.

Do it Yourself Gold Chevron Coasters

first layer of mode podge

Step 2

Layer the tile with mod podge.

Do it Yourself Coasters

placing paper over tile

Step 3

Press wrapping paper firmly over the mod podge covered tile. Add the paper slowly while smoothing it out as you press so there won’t be any dents and bubbles.

Do it Yourself Gold Chevron Coasters

shaping tiles

Step 4

Cut the edges of the wrapping paper down to size with the tile.

Do it Yourself Gold Chevron Coasters

second layer of mod podge

Step 5

Add a coat of mod podge to the top of the covered tile and let it dry. **note: you might have to cut more paper off around the edges after dry. I had to do that with two of mine.**

Do it Yourself Gold Chevron Coasters

acrylic spray

Step 6

Spray the dry tiles with a layer of acrylic sealer. I ended up doing four coats of the sealer to get the look and shine I wanted to achieve. I let each coat dry for 20 minutes before applying another. I then let the tiles dry for three whole days before touching them.

Do it Yourself Gold Chevron Coasters

the drying process

Do it Yourself Gold Chevron Coasters

add felt pads

Step 7

After tiles are completely dry, add four self-adhesive felt pads to the bottom of each coaster, placing them close to the corners.

Do it Yourself Gold Chevron Coasters


Enjoy your brand new set of DIY Gold Chevron Coasters! These also make great gifts around the holidays.

For a few bucks, I now have a stylish custom set of coasters that everyone ask where I purchased them.

ps: Even after making these beautiful coasters…I still put my glass on the table without a coaster.

Lol, I’m getting better, practice makes perfect…right?

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  1. April 22, 2014 / 11:04 pm

    What a great idea! And not too complicated, for those that are non crafty (like myself) but still enjoy quality decor! Thank you for sharing.

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