Day out at The Zoo


I’m not one to believe in conspiracy theories, but it has been eerily warm this winter. The weather has felt so good that I decided to round up my nieces and nephew and take them for a day out at the Kansas City Zoo.

I’m a “Super Aunt” that’s why everyone always sees me with my nieces and nephew. I can’t help it, I feel some sort of responsibility to provide for and take them everywhere since my brother is in prison and can’t do so. I have no problem doing it either because I love them so much, and I want them to have a pretty normal childhood. The zoo was always one of my favorite places to go growing up, so I also want them to experience it as much as they can.

We have the “Friends Of The Zoo” membership and to be honest I didn’t think we’d be able to use it this winter, but the weather Gods had other plans.

My nieces and nephew are a funny bunch. Michelle is the oldest, she’s in the sixth grade now and slowly migrating to the “I’m too cool for you” phase that preteens go through. Ziggy and Dre are in the fourth grade and eager to learn everything (you know 3rd and 4th grades are the best years), and the baby is two and wants to do everything her big brother and sisters do, so we had an interesting day.

We started the day by visiting the river otters and the Polar bears. Then working our way through Africa. As soon as we passed the elephants the baby passed out and slept in her stroller the rest of the day, and woke up briefly when we passed the gorillas.











The day was beautiful, we had a great time, and it was by the grace of God I was able to handle all four kids by myself, lol.

Some quick tips that save me a lot of money during our outings is always packing lunches for everyone. I packed fresh fruit, water, juice, sandwiches, and chips. Signing up for the Friends of Zoo Membership. The membership pays for itself in two visits, plus it gives you various coupons and discounts throughout the zoo for the entire season.


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