Chicago: A Day At 31st Street Beach


Me and my nieces arrived in Chicago by Megabus, early in the morning on July 24th, which was my oldest niece Michelle’s 10th birthday. Happy Birthday Michelle I said to her as she woke up. Z.Z. woke up full of excitement and yelled Happy Birthday!

The girls were too ecstatic because we were just about to get off of the bus and they saw all of the buildings and people out of the window.

As soon as we hopped off of the bus and grabbed our luggage, we walked around Chicago a little and took a cab to our hotel.  I requested early check-in when I made the reservation, but we got there a little too early and had to wait three hours. So we checked our bags at the hotel and decided to sight see while waiting for the room.

I noticed a McDonald’s down the street from the hotel so we walked there for breakfast. We took our time eating since we had hours to kill. After eating breakfast we took a stroll down the street. I had a feeling we were near water because I kept seeing seagulls fly past. I stopped a person walking down the street and asked if we were near water. He told me there was a “beach” about 10 blocks down the street. So we took off walking towards the water.

BEACH…the word beach almost made my niece Michelle tip over with excitement. When she was a little girl (say 4) all she wanted to do was go to the beach. All she talked about was playing in the sand at the beach. She had a best friend in preschool and all they did was sit together in silence playing in the sand box. I’m still not sure how she even knew about the beach at that age but that dream never died. Every year she asked to go to the beach.

So, here we were about to go to the beach for the first time (ok, I know it’s not the ocean but it had water, and sand, lol, and that’s all that matters, right?). As we got closer to the beach we could smell the water from Lake Michigan, and as we crossed the bridge I witnessed a beautiful sight of the city. As soon as we got to the beach the girls couldn’t contain their excitement. They threw off their shoes, rolled their pants legs up and ran for the shore. I had to dash after them to collect their belongings.






The 31st Street Beach is located at 3100 S Lake Shore Dr. We had a wonderful experience! The beach was clean, it wasn’t super packed, and it had restrooms and concession stands. Right next to the beach was a playground. After the girls played in the water they went to the playground and played with the kids from a youth center.

We stayed out there for a long time. I let the girls play in the water as long as they wanted. We sat down on a dock area and watched the boats go by. We purchased ice cream and had a great time people watching. When the girls were ready to leave we all were exhausted so we hopped in a cab and took it back to the hotel to check-in.

Who would have ever guessed that Michelle would bring in her 10th birthday in Chicago, chilling on the beach in the sand…


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