Cheap DIY Halloween Costumes


Halloween is a few weeks away and I have some great costume ideas to save you money! If you weren’t able to tune in to my news segment on Fox 4 News Kansas City, you can watch it here. I got a lot of emails after the segment wanting to know how I made the “Baby Gumball Machine” costume. I also included a Pinterest board below that has instructions on how to make each costume.


For the baby gumball machine costume I used:

  • white tank
  • red shorts
  • gray & black felt (I forgot to add the black felt to create the opening and turn-knob for the machine)
  • Craft pom-poms
  • black fabric headband
  • hot glue gun or fabric glue (I used the hot glue gum because I didn’t want my niece to pull of the balls)

I glued the craft pom-poms to the white tank to individually. This project is time consuming. Since I only covered the front of the shirt and the straps I only ended up using one bag of pom-poms. I added a few pom-poms to the headband with the hot glue gun. I cut out a piece of gray felt wrote $0.25 on it and glued it in the middle of the red shorts.

I’ve attached a Pinterest board that has Cheap DIY Halloween Costumes and instructions for every costume featured in the segment. I hope you have a fun holiday!

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