Change Is Coming…

11913283_sRight now in the US young adults are weighed down with student debt. People are in deep financial distress, filing bankruptcy, killing themselves, killing their families…over MONEY!

I can no longer sit back and watch my friends depressed about finances. I can’t read emails sent in by readers complaining that they are trying everything they can but can’t afford to pay their bills. I can’t sit back and witness this without trying to do something about it.

I just can’t do it. It’s time for a change…

When I first started “Ericka Saves” I wanted to help my friends save money by posting deals that I found by couponing. After that, I started posting things that you can get free, (example, free coffee, free samples, free doughnuts) but how the hell are those things going to help you out in life if you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to pay your light bill?

Couponing can help you save, but there are other ways to tremendously lower cost and help you save more money. If you aren’t able to save anything, you’ll at least be able to pay the bills that you have, and have peace-of-mind.

I honestly feel that everything that I’ve gone through in my life (especially financially) has happened to me for a reason, to share with you what-not- to-do, and share solutions that you can use to better your situation.

The other day I sat on the phone with a friend for hours talking about what I wanted to do to change the direction Ericka Saves is going. I explained that I was tired of the deals, tired of the “hey, look where I am” “look what I did” post, tired of my blog feeling like a “mommy blog” and I’m not even a mom. Tired of the random products that I’ll never use in real life (although the ones I’ve posted about I really believe you’ll like), but you get my drift. I’m tired of the BS, and I’m doing something about it.

I will be introducing the “Money Saving Series” where I will write about money saving techniques that really save you money. I’ll share my stories with you, because this thing called adulthood is hard, and it’s easy to get caught up in a fairytale of things that you don’t need. I’ll also share things to help benefit your health (stress free is the way to be).

Scientists generally recognize five determinants of health:
  • Biology and genetics
  • Individual behavior
  • Social environment
  • Physical environment
  • Health Services

Some people have no control over some of these determinants, biology and genetics for one, but some of the determinants can be changed to ensure a better, healthier, and fulfilled life. I know sometimes it may not seem like these things can be changed because the future seems so far ahead, or some of them seem unattainable but they can be changed and I’ll help you realize this any way that I can.  One way I can start to help is by showing you how to utilize money, since it plays a huge factor in ones life.

I would like to challenge you to change the way you think about money, change the way you think about everything related to debt. Change the way you think about your situation, and change the way you think about yourself.

Money isn’t everything. It’s a TOOL, and “we” need to start using it like that. This ride is going to get crazy, but together we will become financially free, healthier, and live fulfilled lives on less.

Welcome to the New Ericka Saves I hope to see ya at the top….

What are some money saving techniques you want to learn about? What things scare you when dealing with money? What do you want to save on (ex. car, insurance, cable, utilities, etc.)? What do you want to know about (ex. loans, bankruptcy, budgeting, etc.)? email me at or drop a comment below.


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