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HOT New SheaMoisture Products Coupons!

I know a lot of “Naturals” Love to use these products. It is one of the natural hair products on my “go to” list. My hair is natural and one of the products I use is The SheMoisture “Curl Enhancing Smoothie.” It makes my curls stick, and they look more defined when I take down my bantu knots. I also love the smell. Well, here are some HOT New coupons for SheMoisture Hair or Body Products, I hope you enjoy!

$1.00 off one SheaMoisture Hair or Body product

$1.00 off one SheaMoisture Hair or Body product

$1.00 off one SheaMoisture Hair or Body product


What I’m Thankful For…

I haven’t posted much lately because I’ve been in the process of figuring out exactly what direction I want “Ericka Saves” to go. I have a vision of what I want and have been working slowly on making changes and updating information on the website. I’m very excited for my future and the future of “Ericka Saves,” and I’m so happy I have you all to share it with.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday today. I know I did. As I sat on my couch watching the Michael Jackson special on ABC I decided to write a post about what I’m thankful for.

Although I’m not in the position that I want to be in my life I thank God daily for allowing me another day to figure things out. I know that I will succeed I just have to continue to have faith.

I’m thankful for my family (mom) and how supportive they have been for me along my journey in life, from Kansas State, to the Army, to deployments, to UMKC, to “Ericka Saves” and any other thing that I seek out in life.

I’m thankful that my brother is home and was able to spend his first Thanksgiving with us in 4 years.

I’m thankful for my little nieces and nephew and their love, it’s so pure, and they are so innocent. I love watching them grow.

I’m thankful to have real friends. I mean it’s only a handful, but they don’t know how much they mean to me.

I’m thankful to have found a real man I love and who accepts me for me.

I’m thankful for all of YOU who support my website and fan page. If it weren’t for you “Ericka Saves” would not exist.

I could probably go on and on about what I’m thankful for but I’m going to end this post. I really hope you all enjoyed your holiday. Have a blessed night and be safe. 


FREE Fun for Kids In The City!!!!

Sunday, my nieces and I had a FREE Fun day!!! We started the day at my apartments pool (I didn’t take pictures because it was too many other children around…didn’t want a lawsuit lol.) It was soooo HOT out there!

Afterwards, we visited Crown Center and hung out at the Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice exhibit. The exhibit is FREE and very interactive. The children were able to touch and learn history about dinosaurs through activities, puzzles, and coloring. They learned what the dinosaurs ate, what region they came from and how they lived when they roamed the earth. There was also a photo kiosk for visitors to take a photo with a dinosaur and email it to themselves (of course we took a bunch of photos, the girls wanted different poses). The exhibit will be at crown center until September 9th, 2012.

After all of the fun at the Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice exhibit we decided to cool off with a nice cold treat. We visited the food court at Crown Center and got FREE frozen custard from Sheridan’s Lattes & Frozen Custard. I had received a gift card awhile back and used it to get our treats.

Our last activity for the day was FREE bowling at AMF Bowling where Kid’s Bowl FREE all summer long. With this deal kids ages 15 and under are able to bowl two (2) FREE games a day. You have to pay for shoe rental but thats not too bad of a deal if the games are FREE. To sign your child up click here. All you have to do is print your voucher each time you go and hand it to the person at the register. AMF also has kids meals for just $3.29 a piece, and it includes your choice of chicken tenders, or hot dog, or grilled cheese sandwich, with fries and a drink. I packed us a lunch, drinks and snacks so I wouldn’t have to pay anything, and it’s healthier : ). I did have to pay for shoe rental but that was the only money I spent the whole day. *Shoe rental prices vary at different locations* To find your local AMF click here.


DIY Corn on the Cob!!!!

DIY Corn on the Cob

Price Chopper has a great sale going on until 5/08/2012 on “Peaches & Cream Sweet Corn,” $0.25 a piece (limit 8). This was a great deal to take advantage of so I picked up eight for $2.00, went home and decided to make my own corn on the cob. Below, shows you how I did it.

Ingredients and Equipment

  • Fresh corn on the cob  (I used peaches & cream sweet corn).
  • 1 Large pot of boiling water
  • Vacuum food sealer or “ziploc” type freezer bags ( I used ziploc bags along with the ziploc handheld vacuum)
  • 1 large bowl filled with ice cold water.

peaches and cream sweet corn

Step 1 

To get started you need Fresh Corn on the Cob.

husk corn

Step 2

Husk the Corn by removing the outer layer and removing as much of the silk as you can.

silk free corn

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