7 Day Eat at Home Day 6 Recap


Day 6 of the “7 Day Eat at Home Challenge” started as planned. I woke up and make bacon and eggs for breakfast. The rest of the day didn’t go as planned, lol.

For lunch I ended up eating a sandwich at my aunts house. My mother wanted me to ride with her to pick up a few items from Hobby Lobby, and I was inspired to make some cute plates. I’ll have to go back and buy the materials soon, the items were out of my budget for this week. Anyway while on the road my moms back tire blew out on the highway, so we had to wait for Triple AAA to come save us. Good thing I had some snacks in my purse to munch on while we waited.

Dinner didn’t go as planned either. I ended up acquiring some unexpected house guest, lol AKA my nieces, because my brother had to work. I asked them if they wanted to try the black beans quesadillas, and in unison they said, “No! We don’t like that.” So I’ll have to make those another day. I ended up making hot dogs and chips for dinner, and watching a Free Redbox rental. We also snacked on carrots and fresh fruit throughout the night. PS: That movie “Wreck it Ralph” was sooooo good! I’m going to purchase it for the girls one day.

Since I’m still doing the 7 Day Eat at Home Challenge, I decided to make a “Mother’s Day Brunch” for my mother. I plan on making bacon, eggs, biscuits, fried potatoes, and possibly waffles. The meal will be served with fresh fruit, and orange juice. Good thing my nieces are here, now I have little helpers.

One day to go!  Are you participating in the “7 Day Eat at Home Challenge“?  I’d like to hear from you during your journey. Have a question or anything you want to discuss? Tweet me at@ErickaSaves or lets discuss it on the Ericka Saves Facebook fan page.  You can also follow my journey and Our Coupon Adventures journey via Instagram. We are using hashtags#7dayeatathome, and #7DayEAH.


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