7 Day Eat at Home Day 2 Recap

tacos day 2Day 2 of the “7 Day Eat at Home Challenge” started great! I started the day with a strawberry/banana smoothie, and oatmeal with walnuts, brown sugar, and raisins (view easy diy instant oatmeal packets). I posted pictures on instagram.

For lunch, I packed the tuna mix I made last night for the tuna sandwiches, some chips, Cheez-it’s, an apple, a muffin (recipes still coming soon, lol), some baby carrots, and some teddy grahams. I had classes all day so I wanted to make sure I had plenty of things to snack on throughout the day.

For dinner, I made simple tacos. I got some really good deals over the weekend since there were crazy Cinco de Mayo sales going on. I got free lettuce, and ground beef for $2 at Target with these mobile coupons. During this challenge I’m making normal, easy recipes that we usually eat daily. I have a busy schedule so I love making quick meals.

Tomorrow, I plan on having a mixed berry smoothie and oatmeal for breakfast, taco salad for lunch (leftovers from last night with tortilla chips), and for dinner I’m making grilled chicken, and veggies.

Are you participating in the “7 Day Eat at Home Challenge“?  I’d like to hear from you during your journey. Have a question or anything you want to discuss? Tweet me at@ErickaSaves or lets discuss it on the Ericka Saves Facebook fan page.  You can also follow my journey and Our Coupon Adventures journey via Instagram. We are using hashtags#7dayeatathome, and #7DayEAH.


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