7 Day Eat at Home Day 1 Recap


Day 1 of the “7 Day Eat at Home” challenge  started off rough for me. I woke up this morning at 4 a.m. sweating, with a nose bleed, and a terrible migraine headache (I guess my room was too hot overnight). I drifted back off into a light sleep after cleaning my nose. I woke up again and realized the pain was too much to go to work. Every time I stood up I felt lightheaded.  I didn’t feel good at all so I called in (work) and laid back down. (My allergies, and asthma are getting the best of me)

Around 9 am I got up, went into the kitchen, and attempted to eat something. My head was still hurting, but I did manage to blend up a quick strawberry/ banana smoothie. The other food I had planned for breakfast sat on the counter. After drinking half of the smoothie, I laid back down to get some rest. So I skipped lunch. I ended up just making some campbell’s chicken noodle soup (only ate a sip of that).

Later in the day, my mother called, and interrupted my sleep. She wanted me to ride with her somewhere. I got up, took a shower (which made me feel a little better), and laid back down until she came by my apartment. While out we stopped at Hobby Lobby (which is like one of my favorite stores. that and Home Depot), and I felt liberated. I felt like there was no headache, lol, only to be reminded there was indeed a headache still present after walking around the store for a few minutes (I had to sit down). I did get some mod podge, and some cute fabric to make throw pillows with (diy project coming soon TBD) for 40% off. I’m glad I always keep my Hobby Lobby, and Michael’s coupons in my wallet.

I had planned on making tacos for dinner since I scored some pretty good deals on Mexican food over the weekend. But I was too lazy and popped the buffalo chicken strips I planned on having for lunch today into the oven. I drizzled some Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo sauce over the chicken and served it with a salad, and a muffin (recipe coming tomorrow). Needless to say, I only ate 2 chicken strips, and one bite of the salad before I had to go lay back down.Lol, I wrapped the muffin back up and sat it on the counter.

Tomorrow, I plan on having a fruit smoothie, and oatmeal for breakfast, tuna sandwiches and chips for lunch (just finished boiling my eggs), and for dinner I will make the tacos I was planning on eating tonight.

Well thats the recap of my Day 1 journey. Goodnight, I’ll see you bright and early!

Are you participating in the “7 Day Eat at Home Challenge“?  I’d like to hear from you during your journey. Have a question or anything you want to discuss? Tweet me at @ErickaSaves or lets discuss it on the Ericka Saves Facebook fan page.  You can also follow my journey and Our Coupon Adventures journey via Instagram. We are using hashtags #7dayeatathome, and #7DayEAH.


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