7 Day Eat at Home Challenge!


When I first started Ericka Saves, I wanted to help friends by teaching them how to really save money, and get out of debt. I realize I have strayed from that, and I apologize. I have been in the process of reorganizing my website, getting a new look that fits my personality (do you like the new look?), working on delivering real content to help you save money, and getting “Ericka Saves” back to the way I intended when I first started.

Over the next several months you’ll see more content catered towards teaching the rules of couponing, money saving techniques I’ve personally tried, “Ericka’s Blurbs” (my personal journey towards becoming debt free), and numerous helpful articles and printables. This shift will happen gradually over the summer. I can’t do it all at once, for one, I have finals next week, and two, I start my new internship the end of the month, and will be putting in a lot of hours there.

With all of the above being said, and me wanting to really help you save money, Ericka Saves teamed up with Our Coupon Adventures to host the “7 Day Eat at Home Challenge”. We all know that eating your own food saves tons of money, but we also know a lot of time and effort goes into planning and preparing your own meals. Sometimes I don’t have the patience to cook and prepare my own meals. I know the dollar menu seems very appeasing, but eating out daily is expensive, and unhealthy.  This 7 day eat at home challenge was created to help enforce the benefits of eating your own meals (cost & health). Read this article from USA Today about the cost of feeding a family in todays economy.

For me, the 7 Day Eat at Home Challenge is a way for me to be discipline with my money. I have a huge stockpile of food from couponing, and shopping sales, so there is absolutely no reason for me to be eating out.

To prep for the challenge I scanned the contents of my stockpile, my cupboards, my refrigerator, and freezer to see what items I already had, and made a list. I then searched the sales ads, and only purchase the items that were on sale, or unadvertised deals I had coupons for. *If you are new to couponing or never use coupons, shopping only the sales alone will still save you a lot of money.*  I purchased items I needed that were not on sale from Aldi.

I’ve seen many of the 30 day challenges and as much as I’ve tried, I never finish them and end up feeling guilty, or a loser. Thats why we made this challenge just 7 simple days. When preparing for a marathon you start slowly and gradually built yourself up to the 26.2 miles it takes to complete it. Thats exactly what this challenge is (preparation for the ultimate goal of saving more money). If you can last 7 days, then maybe you’ll go 10, then maybe 15 and so forth.

I will be posting pictures on instagram, tweeting, and posting quick recipes, and tips on the website throughout the challenge. You can follow along using hashtags #7dayEAH and/or #7dayeatathome when posting your own pictures.

This challenge is only 7 days, starting Monday, May 6th, 2013 ending Sunday, May 12th, 2013. During the challenge we will be making our own breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. I know you can accomplish it! I’ll be rooting for you. I’m going to be trying very hard to finish the challenge myself, (lunch at work always gets me). If you have questions along the way just pop a question in the comment box and I’ll reply. Join in here: Just leave a comment below stating that you are in, (bloggers you can link up below)

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