5 Budget-Friendly Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Clutter seems inevitable in small spaces, especially when traditional storage areas are at full capacity. Add a busy lifestyle to the equation and you’ve got one chaotic living space. You don’t have to submit to the limits of your small space. Finding and creating untraditional storage space to manage endless piles of overflow is easier than you think.

Implement these 5 budget-friendly storage solutions for small spaces to eliminate clutter and increase storage without breaking the bank.


Source: Zillow

Go Vertical

Maximize wall space by using the entire height of the wall. Using wall space creates room to take things off the floor and store in a convenient, organized fashion. Shelving units, large cabinets and book cases provide ample storage opportunities. If you don’t have the room to incorporate larger units, consider installing floating shelves. Placed along the wall or in a corner, floating shelves are inexpensive options to optimize unused vertical space without bulking up the room.

Look Below

Find extra storage space under pieces of furniture with legs such as couches, chairs, entertainment centers, beds and tables. The vacant space is an ideal location for rarely used items that don’t need to be readily accessible. Purchase organizational baskets and bins to slide below furniture with extra space. Fill each container with similar items such as a bin for electronics or a stylish basket for linens.


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Opt for Multi-Use Furniture

If you have to purchase new furniture, invest in pieces with more than one use. For example, find an ottoman with storage space for daily items such as electronics or reading materials that easily clutter living rooms. Buy end-tables with drawers, cabinets or extra shelving. Nesting tables are smart options for small spaces because they slide away for more space and out to create more surface area when needed.


Source: Zillow

Use the Ceiling

Treat the ceiling as another surface for creative storage. For the kitchen, invest in a hanging pot rack to create more space in drawers and cabinets. Bikes take up a lot of space, especially in apartments. Mount inexpensive bike racks to the ceiling to eliminate overflow. Another storage solution is to hang-dry your clothes from clothes lines. Find ceiling “swinglines” or simply install ceiling grid-hooks to string your own low-cost clotheslines.

Design for Routine

Use vacant spaces to create storage solutions that make daily routines simpler. Find empty space behind doors to hang coats, bags and wet towels with over-the-door racks. Hang jars or buckets on vertical surfaces near the door to create organized receptacles for keys and sunglasses. Add similar wall-mounted containers in the office for overflow items such as pens, pencils, scissors and tape. Install mail organizers on the back of cabinet doors to organize daily mail and excess paper.

Follow these cost-effective tips to increase home storage and eliminate clutter. Whether you’re in the process of shopping for a downsized house or searching for a new apartment with limited square footage, these tips assist in making the most of the storage capacity in your new organized home.

Do you have any other storage solutions for small spaces? Leave a comment below and let me know.

This guest post was written by Nick Elam from Zillow. Zillow is the leading real estate and rental marketplace dedicated to empowering consumers with data, inspiration and knowledge around the place they call home, and connecting them with the best local professionals who can help.


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  1. February 27, 2015 / 9:08 pm

    Adding to your “Look Below” solution, I tend to utilize the space underneath the bed. Simple, long plastic containers can easily store a lot of knickknacks and easily slide out from underneath the bed. Also, while living in the college dorms (back in the day), I would store a papasan chair underneath my bed. Those chairs are rather bulky and take up a ton of space, so it was by far my most useful space saving solution in college. The bed was elevated high enough for this to work, so this solution might only be useful for some college students, but it adds to the point that looking below furniture is a great solution.

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