4 Ways A Library Can Save You Money!

4 ways library can save you money

4 Ways A Library Can Save You Money

Are you a member of your local library? You can usually pick up a membership for free to the library in your local county. Maybe you have a membership but you haven’t taken advantage of all the library has to offer. Here are 4 ways the local library can start saving you money today!

Save Money on Books

What is the main thing a library has to offer? Books of course! Skip buying books and save money by checking out all your favorites at the local library. Don’t like to read? There are hundreds of audiobooks available, and many libraries offer the latest and old copies of your favorite magazines as well.

Save Money on Movie Rentals

Most libraries offer a large variety of movie titles that you can rent. Usually you can rent them for longer than your movie store will allow so you may save money in gas as well because you don’t have to return them as quickly. At my library  television series, documentaries, and children’s movies are free.

Check Out New Music

Just like movies, your library may offer a good variety of new and older music. You can check out cds and try out all kinds of different music at your home, maybe even find some new bands or singers that you didn’t know you would enjoy! You may still want to purchase the music in the end but at least you will know which cds you for sure want to buy before you pay for them.

Save Money on Kids Activities

Not only do most libraries offer a summer reading program where your child can get free prizes and books just for reading, but many libraries also offer story time and a variety of kid friendly activities. These are free and will offer your child a chance to socialize with other children, and have fun without costing you a dime.

Not only does the library have kids activities, it has numerous events, speakers, and get togethers for adults, and young professionals. Those events are usually free and most of the time include hors d’ oeuvres and wine. If you’re in the Kansas City area check out all of the free events at the library here.

How does your library save you money? Leave a comment below and let me know.



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